Plant-based edible coatings for
Fruits and Vegetables

Facing food waste through circular economy

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Our Project

We propose plant-based coatings from agrifood by-products to make fruist and vegetables last longer

Protection for fruits & vegetables

We increase the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables through the applications of plant-based protective coatings.

Re-value agricultural by-products

Our coatings are produced from agricultural by-products, valuing resources and labor of the agricultural supply chain.

Naturally fresh and long lasting

We propose an eco-friendly alternative to protect our fruits and vegetables, contribuiting to tackling down food waste.

Agree NET approach is based on circular economy

We use agrifood by-products as a raw material



Plant-based protective coating

Increase fruit shelf life
Edible, tasteless & odorless
Transparent & washable

Increasing Shelf Life

With Ally, we can increase fruits and vegetables shelf life

  With Ally

We make strawberries last longer!


We offer to fruit and vegetable producers and dealers an innovative solution to increase product freshness while meeting market requirements

1. Stay cost-effective

Increase revenues & sale price
Customer satisfaction
Improved business value

2. Fruits that last longer!

New export routes
New business opportunities
More profit for high-value products

3. Eco-friendly alternative

A solution from vegetable by-products
Reduce food waste in your production process


Gustavo Gonzalez

Materials Scientist & Technology Analyst
Entrepreneur and curious by nature

Irene Masante

Biologist, Chemist & Biotechnologist
Full-time food and science lover

Arianna Sica

Environmental economics
Seeker of climate crisis solutions 

Stefano Ferioli

Management consultant & Angel investor
Entrepreneurship and innovation enthusiast


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